Apr 3, 2009

April fools Day!

What a crazy April Fools joke Mother Nature played on us! We got 7 inches of snow, only to get another 5 the next night, eeek!! Honestly, as sucky as it was, it was BEAUTIFUL! Now, lets just hope that this is the last snowfall of the season. We don't want a major snowstorm the end of April like we got last year at Maddens!

I had fun with April Fools with the kids. I did my annual "koolaid" jello in the cup, then I printed off these candy "booger" wrappers and filled them with M&M's. The kids thought this was hilarious. And then I made an angel food cake (from scratch!) and sliced it which looked like toast. They had a blast! Of course the whole day all the kids were trying to trick me, and a couple times they got me! Even Alayna tried to tell me that, "mama, jazz is behind you, apo fool!" Ahh, the fun. I did get my mom in the morning by telling her I was pregnant. I fake cried and everything, she fell for it. And at supper, Brad and I told the girls were going to adopt a little girl who was 7, and that she was going to sleep in Rachel's room. She was a bit leery about someone sleeping in her room, but then she was all for it! She was a little disappointed that we were kidding, and Brad felt bad, lol. Oh well, it was all fun:)
I'm happy it's Friday, it's been a great week, just went by really fast. We have no formal plans this weekend, which is awesome! Tomorrow Rachel and Emma have a birthday party, and Brad, Alayna and myself might go to Becker Furniture World to find new coffee tables and end tables. We got a 50% off coupon in the mail, might as well see what we can find!

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