Apr 15, 2009

Easter weekend

I had a fabulous Easter weekend! I had taken Good Friday off, so the girls and I went and did some shopping. And I mean shopping! I had told Brad that I wanted to buy new dishes, and place mats and napkins, and things for quite some time. We do a lot of entertaining, and I would love to have nice things. Was it a necessity? No, but I always talk about it and being we were having people over for Easter, I thought it would be a good time for it:) I got everything at Target (yay Target!!) I bought dishes, glasses, place mats, napkins, 2 serving platters, and a stainless steel wine cooler. For my birthday Mom bought me a stainless steel ice bucket, I love it! I had so much fun setting everything up:) On Saturday, I had a District Advisor meeting for Le Leche League in the cities, from 10-1, got home, got the kids ready and went to church at 5:00. I had put a tator tot hotdish in the oven so it was ready when we got home. My Dad and Step mom were there when we came home and we just hung out.

I loved the fact that originally we were going to Brad's parents for Easter, and I was bringing my usual jello salad. But then Mom and Bob were suddenly available, my Dad and his wife were available, and I invited my Aunt and Uncle who happened to be able to come! It was such a great time, especially great for me to have both my parents with me on a holiday:)

I made a ham that I basted with brown sugar, maple syrup, and oj. I also made cheesy hash brown potatoes, homemade dinner rolls, roasted asparagus, corn and a strawberry spinach salad. Everything turned out great, but my favorite part was the mocha chocolate cheesecake. It was sooo gooood. Very rich, but very good! It was my first time making cheesecake, and it really wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

All in all, it was a wonderful Easter, there's nothing better than being able to spend it with your family. We went to Brad's parents later that afternoon, which was so nice too. Very relaxing!

The weather is finally getting nice out, yesterday it was 67! I even laid out while the kiddos napped! For supper Brad made hamburgers on the grill, and we ate outside. I set a table up, put a tablecloth on, and we ate out in the back, it was wonderful! The girls thought it was pretty neat. We also found a nest of baby rabbits, they are so new they don't even have fur yet! Now we can't wait to check in on them everyday, just as long as the dog doesn't find them.

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