Mar 18, 2013

Spring Break

We did an impromptu spring break vacation.  Friends of ours were going to Wisconsin Dells and asked us to go with.  At first we declined because we are going to Disney in June.  Yes I said June, the hottest time of the year in Florida.  We then thought it would be fun to go for a few days, Sunday-Tuesday.  We were just there last June, so the girls were stoked to be going again!

We all had a blast.  Well, maybe except for Brad.  This feller is notorious for getting sick before going on vacation.  I'm serious.  Never fails.  The last time he got sick was right before we went to Mexico, three years ago. 

The girls got to try the rock climbing wall.  Emma almost made it to the top, Rachel's fear of heights took over so she didn't get too far.  Poor kid is just like me.

Emma and Brad did this rope course that takes you waaaaaay up, and then they have different rope obstacles to do.  My hands and feet were a ball of sweat watching them.  At one point I quit watching...

Alayna got to do the little kids course, she thought it was pretty cool!  Our favorite ride was the simulator.  You wear 3D glasses and sit in a movie theater like setting.  The simulator is a mine and everybody has these laser guns that you shoot at the screen.  Your chairs move around with the movie.  It was a blast,  I think I screamed more than the kids, haha!

Of course we had to do the photo booth.  Bet you never knew my eyes could get so big....

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