Mar 19, 2013


If you haven't noticed, I am trying to get back into blogging.  I have been having issues with Blogger and not being able to get into my account.  Frustrating!  So now I am on a kick to get some posts put up from where I left off.  Which means you might get sick of me.  Sorry.

I've been following Heavenly Homemakers for quite some time and decided it was high time to join in on her Gratituesday.  It's Gratitude.  On a Tuesday.  Brilliant. 

So, here's my official start...*giggle*....I giggle because I am always so good at starting things like this, and then never posting again about.  *I think I can, I think I can*.....

I am grateful for the conversations the girls and I have been having at bedtime.  I bought a new book that talks about Jesus and Easter and all that goodstuff.  Alayna wanted to know if we were going to talk about bunnies.  Sorry kid, no bunnies.  Lots of questions though, from the older two about if God is real, was Jesus really his son, can he see us, is the Bible real, etc. etc.  Oh, and a very important question from Miss little...."mom, how long does nail polish last?"  Glad to know you're paying attention there tootse.

Anyway, I have a book called the Storybook Bible.  It has a story for each day of the year, and it's not too kiddish, but kiddish enough that all three can understand.  I also have a questions book that has a ton of question and answers about being a Christian.  It's been fun having that time with them and hearing their thoughts on the Bible, Jesus and yes, even nail polish. 

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