Mar 19, 2013

Christmas 2012

Because I am a supermom (in case you didn't know), I wanted to show you all these amazing pictures I took at Christmas to remember our special times together as a family....

Yep, that's it folks.  Enjoy all two pictures I took.  Ugh, if you didn't already know, I am not the world's best picture taker.  Not that I don't enjoy it, but I want to enjoy the moments, and not be behind a camera 24/7.  Maybe not the best excuse, but sometimes I just plum forget. 

We had a wonderful Christmas, we really did!  The girls were happy with what they got, and I sooooo enjoy seeing how giving Rachel and Emma are becoming.  They didn't want much for presents, because they don't need much.  They are also into making blankets to donate, so wanted gift cards/money to buy fabric.  Love it.  Alayna announced she would gladly take any gifts they didn't want.  Haha!

Miss A has been thoroughly enjoying her new American Girl doll, Marie-Claire.  Although we may just have to build a new house for all the accessories they now have...

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