Mar 19, 2013

Snow Day

Ahhh the fun of a snowy day!  Sledding, hot chocolate, rosy cheeks.  It's all fun and games until you're sick of the snow, cold, wind, driving in the snow, having to plow every other day.  But I'm not complaing, just so you know.  Yes these pics are from December, and yes it is nearing the end of March, and yes it STILL looks like this outside.  *sigh*  Spring will come, I just know it will....


We have a fantastic sledding hill, and the girls are pros at stopping at the bottom before hitting the electric fence.  Hey, it's what we do in the country.
I love this pic, because Maci the cat even got in on the fun.  Although this was right after Alayna thought it would be fun to put Maci on the sled and push her down the hill.  Maci didn't think it was funny.  Have I ever told you that Alayna has a lot of energy? 

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