Mar 23, 2013

Emma's Wild Hockey Game

One of the perks with Brad's job is that he gets a lot sports tickets.  About a month ago he took Rachel to a Minnesota Gopher men's basketball game.  And it happened to be the  They beat the #1 ranked team.  I watched a bit of it on TV and it was great!

Miss Emma loves hockey, poor kid wants to play hockey like I want a spa day.  We are just not wanting the hockey life.  Brad got three tickets to a Wild game and of course we wanted to bring Em!  Brad got her a sweatshirt and let her wear his hat.  

In true Emma form (she is sooooo like me), she made earrings by wrapping some hoops with colored yarn, painted her nails Wild colors and had the same colored ribbons in her hair.


We had FANTASTIC seats!  Four rows behind the Wild, and Emma sat right next to the area where the players come in and out of their locker room.  She got to high five (well, fist bump.  Or glove bump, if you will) most of the players, and we almost got hit by a puck!  So fun. 

We even got (almost) front row seats to a great fist fight!  Emma was enthralled...

It was such a fun night to hang with Emma, we don't get that chance often to have some one on one time with the girls.  Alayna is next, Brad promised her a Twins game!  Lord help us.

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