Aug 14, 2009

You Likey??!!!

The new look of the blog, that is:) I found a fabulous website that offers free blog templates to use. I love how it looks, kinda scrapbooky, with my favorite colors. Anyhoo, onto bigger news...
Fluffy had her babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was quite an exciting afternoon in the house. About 4:30, Rachel saw a puddle on the floor by Fluffs, so I figured it must be time. She wasn't technically due until the end of next week. I got her box with the blankets and promptly took her upstairs to the bathroom where her food/water/litter box is. I heard her yelping about 10 minutes later so I went in to check on her. The kitten was breach, hind legs sticking out:( I was able to gently pull a little on the legs and got it out. Now, for those of you not familiar with cats birthing, did you know that they eat their afterbirth????!!! I didn't know, and was a bit weirded out by it. I left her alone so she could clean up the kitten. It was TINY, like a very small rat, with no hair. About 30 minutes later kitten #2 came. No problems there. It wasn't until 9:00 last night that she started pushing #3 out, and that one was coming out front leg first, and the head was all twisted up inside her. She hollered and screamed for about an hour, and I again helped very gently while she pushed. (I never know I'd be a kitty midwife! Hmm, maybe I should market myself.....) That one came out not alive:( Then about 9:30, she had kitten #4. That one was perfectly fine, however this morning when I went in there, that one had died too:(
Rachel was pretty devastated with the death of the kitties, she was so sad. So now, we have a cream colored kitty with tan, and then a grey one. Brad says they are premature, they have hardly any hair, and are so very little. Today they have both been nursing quite a lot, and Fluffy seems to doing very well. The kids (ok, yes and me, lol) are so excited, and we all love looking in to see how they are doing. Every time I walk in Fluffy looks at me like, "help me, mama!"

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