Aug 12, 2009

Granola Bars
I found this fabulous blog, and am in love! She has some awesome recipes that I am excited to try. Her philosophy is very much like mine, everything from scratch:) I love that. Anyway, I tried this recipe for granola bars, and like she commented, they are really good, but dense, kind of like a snack cake. The kids gobbled them up for snack, so it was definitely a hit! Next time I may add raisins.....
For supper I was all excited to make "Pecan Crusted Chicken Tenders with Sweet Mustard Sauce", until I realized that I had five bags of sliced almonds, but no pecans. Grrrrrrr. Oh well, Rachel found a recipe for "Tender Chicken Nuggets" that we made. She mixed all the ingredients in for the breading and they turned out great! Along with that we had corn on the cob (or cob on the corn, as Alayna would say:) and a pasta salad. Delish! After supper the girls and I went into town to get some things at Target. We finished up school supplies, and also got quite a bit of their clothes shopping done. Dang kids are expensive! It was great fun watching Alayna grab bras and say, "mom, I got my BOOBS". *sigh* It was funny at first, then got a liiiitle annoying, lol.
I have also been busy with the cucumbers. We have a TON, and I'm not even a huge cuke person. However, I made creamed cucumbers two nights ago for supper, and then made my Grandma Trellis' refrigerator pickles. They are soooo very good. Whenever I went to Grandma's, I looked forward to three things, her pickles, fried chicken, and monkey bread. Good stuff, I tell ya. I have tried to make fried chicken like hers, but of course it never turns out.
So, that's it from the Homespun Kitchen, Happy Hump Day to all!!!

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SnoWhite said...

So glad that you tried the granola bars!! They are delicious with raisins.

Blessings on your day!