Aug 27, 2009

Organizing Thursday

Reading Cheri's post from It's So Very Cheri a few days ago made me start getting excited for Fall. I love Fall, love the trees, the smells, the colors, everything! I can't wait to start making pies and applesauce from our apple trees, taking the girls to different orchards and just enjoying the cool crispness of Fall.
So today, I was lucky enough to only have a few kids in daycare, which allowed me a little time to do some organizing. I made my Fall cleaning list last week, so I can work on it little by little. When the kids have quiet time, I try to get one thing done on my list. well, I'm happy to say that I'm almost done already! Today's task was to clean out and organize our closet. It's a great walk in closet, but it's so packed full that it looks terrible. I got rid of a whole bag of clothes, and got busy rearranging. It looks soooo much better and I *might* be able to find things in there now:) I was able to check several things off my list, which always feels good. On Monday I'll post pics of my kitchen cabinets, I rearranged and added some things, looks great!
My Mom came over yesterday to bring more things from Grandma and Grandpa's house for me. I love that Grandpa knows not to throw anything away, he gives it to me first! She brought some awesome HUGE old coffee jars. not sure what I will do with them yet, but this jar came from Grandma's. I filled it with some old berries, and then found an ornament that I took apart because I like the twine and berries. I think it turned out great. I got the idea from Cheri's post, so make sure and check it out!
Oh, and tomorrow I am taking part in a Rooster party held over at Bella Vista, make sure and check that out too!!

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