Aug 29, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Ever have those days where you feel like doing this all day??!! I sometimes wish I was a cat, what a great life. You eat, use the litter box, bat around a little toy mouse once in a while, and take lots of naps. Fluffy has come back to her fun, feisty self now since having her babies. I love it:)
Today was a great day of being with family. We had our great friends (who I have done daycare for their kids for 5 years. Yesterday was their last day, as they are moving:( ) over last night for the last "hurrah" if you will. We made venison cheddar brats that we had just gotten back from the meat locker, sweet corn and baby reds from the garden. What a great meal!
Today we decided to go garage saling, I found some great stuff that I will post for Rhoda's Thrifty Finds on Monday. Then this afternoon was mommy/Emma day:) We went shopping, bought her tennis shoes for school, a few tops, and a pair of jeans. All done shopping for her now! After shopping we hit the coffee shop, strawberry smoothie for her, and some delicious Echinacea Elderberry Tea for me. We came home and Alayna and I took a nap while the others went with daddy to help out at Grandma and Grandpa's for awhile. I believe tonight will be family movie night:)

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