Dec 16, 2008


Yes, our tree is really that bright. You may think that it looks like it's glowing in that picture, but it really is. You see, we had to buy a new Christmas tree this year (water in the basement and a tree in a box don't exactly mix...) and Bradley thought, "hey, what about a tree with 1500 lights on it?" Ok, well, our other tree only had maybe 800 lights on it. We love lots of lights, and this one was pre-lit (No more dealing with Mr.Scrooge, aka Brad on putting up Christmas tree day) so Brad happily brought it home.

If you haven't seen National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, you might want to watch it. There's a part where Chevy Chase's character finally gets all the outdore lights on, and the whole family stands outside to watch him light it up. It ends up blinding the whole neighborhood because there were so many lights. Well, that was us. I could hear the angles singing from above when we lit that baby up. You can see the tree from a couple miles away. Not kidding either. It's a beautiful tree, and now we're used to it, but I'm telling ya, if you plan on visiting, make sure to bring your sunglasses!!!

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