Dec 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!!

I can't believe today is Christmas Eve! It came so fast this year, but I am happy to say I have nothing left to do. Well, until Friday, at least. The house is clean, laundry is done, candy and cookies are made. Now it's time to just "be" in the moment, and enjoy what this season is really about.

Today we are going to go to Brad's Mom and Dad's to open gifts. it's nice, because we get together early in the afternoon, and then we have time to go to church. We always to go Cold Springs Catholic church, they have the BEST Christmas Eve service. They put on a fantastic kids program, complete with "camels" that the kings ride in on! The girls love going to see it every year. Makes it seem more real for them. After church we'll come home and open gifts with the girls. After they go to bed, we'll get everything set up for Christmas morning!! I can't wait. Emma got an American Girl doll (The Kit Kittredge one) and an accessory set, and Rachel got an MP3 player, and an IDOG. Alayna we just got her a doll accessory set (the stroller, car seat, high chair). But the big gift is Rock Band. Although, I'm not sure if that was really for the kids, or maybe just for Brad:) Anyway, can't wait!

We will deliver some goodies to the neighbors before we go today, I bought tins from Crafts Direct, and I filled them with cut out cookies, date filled cookies, English toffee (never made it before, but it was so easy and sooo good!) and chocolate truffles. The girls are excited to have them out:)

I am including pics of the girls making their gingerbread house with Brad. I had a meeting Monday night, so they got to have fun with Dad! It turned out awfully cute!

Have a wonderful, blessed, and safe Holiday Season!!!!!!

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