Dec 24, 2016

Macy's Santaland

Friday Brad and I were both off and decided to take the girls down to Minneapolis to see Macy's Santaland for the last time.  Macy's is closing in 2017 which is so sad.  It's a huge historical building with 12 floors.  They have restaurants, Starbucks, basically anything you would need.  We figured we would go since we had never been before.

We left around noon and the girls watched "The Grinch" on the way down.  Traffic, thankfully was perfect!  It was snowy and a little drizzley, so we weren't 100% sure we would go.  We made it down there around 2 and waited in line for about an hour just to be able to walk through the Santaland.

It was worth the wait, so see how excited the girls were, especially mouse!  I gave her my phone to take pics, so these are all taken by her!

Waiting to get in!

The neat thing about this display is that it is animated, so many of the people/elves are moving, it really is magical!!

The singing trees...

Our favorite part was the bakery, everything looks so real!

Down in the holiday store they had a station set up to write Santa a letter.  Even though Alayna found out after Christmas last year that mom and dad are Santa, you wouldn't know it, she is very good at pretending he's real!!

She asked for a new Lego house, Hatchimal and Barbies.  Emma also added that she really wanted an iPhone, haha!!

After we were done there, we headed over to Maple Grove and ate at Granite City.  Great food and lots of fun hanging out with my family.  We got home around 7 and watched my favorite Christmas movie, "The Family Stone".  Love that movie!  And for the record, I cry every.single.time.

Now it's Christmas Eve, and I wanted one last pic of the tree full of gifts (and can you spot the naughty elf???)

Today will be a busy and fun day eating and watching the Vikings!  Let's hope they can give us a great Christmas present and actually WIN!

Merry Christmas Eve e

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