Dec 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016 was another wonderful couple days spent with family!  I am super sad that the rest of the world appears to have today off, but I have to work (we had Friday off instead).

Christmas Eve morning Emma wanted to start a tradition of making us reindeer pancakes.

I'd say that was a success!

We got all of our food ready and headed out to Brad's sisters around noon to watch the Vikings (they lost...).  We proceeded to eat  Seriously, so much good food!

Everyone was happy with their gifts!

Love this one of Brad with his niece's daughter, Izzy... 

Since we were there so early, we left earlier than normal, which was actually really nice!  We got home around 5 and got our comfy clothes on!

The girls always open 3 gifts from us, one is always a new pair of jammies.  I think Alayna loved her gift from Uncle Pat and  Aunt Katherine and cousins!

The girls always sleep in Rachels room on Christmas Eve, love that tradition!  I came in to say goodnight and mousey had her bed all made up, too cute!

Excited for Christmas morning!!

I made caramel rolls for breakfast, and Brad made eggs and liver sausage.

The girls came down around 5:45 and everyone was thrilled with their gifts!!  It was nice to just hang out and not be rushed.  

We headed to church at 9, thinking the roads might be bad, but thankfully they weren't.  We did, however, get a pretty nasty ice storm and wind.  I had a hard time sleeping last night with how loud the wind was...

Christmas Day we spent at the farm, it was very nice, lots of yummy food!  We played cards and just hung out.  I came home around 7, since I have to work today, it was nice to have the house quiet, haha!

This is my favorite gift I get  from the girls every year, my Erin Condren Planner.  LOVE it!  I couldn't imagine my life without my planner.


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!

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Terra Heck said...

Glad you had a good Christmas. Those reindeer pancakes are adorable.