Apr 25, 2010

Birthday Party!

My sweet (it pained me to write this part, she isn't on my good side right now) Emma Jo turned 7 last Friday. We had been counting down the days to her birthday since February, so I was a teeny tiny bit excited that her day had finally come! We had her little girlfriends over for a 2 hour party on Saturday. Boy, was I glad that we only did two hours, having 9 girls and one boy was enough! When the girls got here, we opened presents first. After the three minutes (lol) of that, I had the girls sit down for a craft. I had purchased foam bulletin boards that were circle shaped. I laid out several kinds of paper and once they picked out their favorite paper, I cut out a circle with my Cricut machine and they pasted it on. I also had several flower stickers they put on and at the end of the party I printed out pictures of the whole group so they could paste that on the bulletin board. They turned out very cute!

Of course my favorite part of the party was the CAKE!!!
This was my first time using fondant, and let me tell you, I cannot wait to use it again! Very easy to make and easy to use.
Emma LOVED it! It was a little hard to cut into it, with as much work went into it!! I made a boxed chocolate cake, but then used my all time fave Pioneer Woman's frosting for the filling and the crumb coat. Delicious!
We played one game which was pass the present. We played music, and everyone passed the present around, whoever had it when the music stopped, they opened one layer of wrapping paper (I had wrapped it with 8 different layers). Whoever ended up unwrapping the present at the end got to keep it, the girls thought that was such a blast! At the end of the party, I did a scavenger hunt to find the girls' treat bags which were filled with scrapbooking supplies. I was able to find crown shaped chipboard scrapbooks for .25!!!
Besides my two fighting and making me crazy, it was a wonderful party!
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