Jan 20, 2010

Homemade Chicken Stock

Saturday Evening the girls and I were alone for the night as hubby was out with guys seeing Larry The Cable Guy live (unfortunately not a fun even t for him, he fell asleep, lol!). As we had to make a trip to the grocery store, I figured we I would pick up a rotisserie chicken from the deli, those are always sooooo yummy! So, for supper we had smoothies, chicken and jello (my what a combination!). I was just about ready to throw the carcass away when my bloggy brain screamed STOP!!! Umm, hello?? Make stock with this, silly woman. So I did. First time I have ever made my own stock.

It was crazy easy to do. I filled up my stock pot half full of water, then added the carcass, chopped up carrots, celery, onions, fresh parsley, salt, pepper, minced garlic and two bay leaves. I brought all this to boiling, and then let it simmer for about 4-5 hours.

I ended up getting 8 bags with two cups of stock in each to freeze. I was really amazed at the difference in flavor from good ole Swanson's Chicken Broth! Next recipe to come is Chicken Pot Pie with our homemade stock, delish!!!



SnoWhite said...

wonderful! what a fun adventure.

Marmee's Pantry said...

Ooooo! Ahhhh!

Blessings from Ohio...Kim W<><

Marmee's Pantry said...

P.S...How do I get a "Grab My Button" button?


Rainy Day Farm said...

Bravo! I have never done that and you have inspired me! I am going to costco and getting a chicken. So glad to know the flavor is better! Thanks for sharing!

Missy said...

I'm going to grab a rotisserie chicken and do this!