Jun 18, 2009

Always learning....

So, I don't remember if I posted this before, but about 2 months ago our beloved cat, Fluffy was sick. Rachel and I took her in only to find out that she has feline leukemia. We were devastated. He put her on three different medications, and those meds worked MIRACLES on her! She has fully recovered, and has not been ill since. He did say that they can go into remission, so I'm assuming that's what happened to her. So, now the poor thing is in heat. We never got her fixed, assuming that we would get a litter of kitties out of her and then get her fixed. So, two days ago she found a tomcat. Now, remember that I have lived in the city all my life and have never experienced the sounds of cats mating. So, Tuesday night I wake up at 3 am thinking that Alayna is screaming, only to discover it's my sweet Fluffy getting nailed. It was the most HORRIBLE sound I have ever heard. So, what do I do? Get up, get dressed and actually go looking for her, at 3 am!! My husband thinks I'm a little cracked in the head, which probably isn't too far off, lol!!

So, yesterday morning she comes in for awhile to eat, but then wants to go back out. So literally all day we watched those two chase each other, and then Fluffy teasing him by rolling around right in front of him, it was hilarious! However, at lunchtime one of my daycare kids announces that she knows what they are doing, they are playing freeze tag!!!!! I asked her why she thought that and she said because they chase each other around and then he sits on her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, I laughed till I cried! Priceless. And that darn tomcat won't leave! He sits on the steps on the patio and waits for her. He was there last night when I went to bed, and he was there at 6:00 this morning too!!

So, we shall see if she is pregnant, I would love to have some baby kitties around, and of course the kids soooo badly want kittens.

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