Jul 13, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I was dreading this week after having such a short week last week.  I figured this week would draaaaaaaag on, but thankfully it flew by!

I didn't get a chance to recap last weekend....we spent Saturday and Sunday at our friends cabin.  We got there around 2 on Saturday and spent the day tubing and just relaxing by the lake. 

Emma had her bff Kyleigh with all weekend too.  These girls are two peas in a pod.  Kyleigh's mom and dad and I went to school together, and I did daycare for Ky and her brother until they started school.  These two are still super close.  Ky comes and spends the weekend with us every couple months, she's our 4th daughter.  :)

Saturday night the bugs were bad, so we just sat inside and played cards.  We borrowed a tent and all the kiddos slept out there, another thing to cross of mouses bucket list!

Monday night Brad and I went out for supper to celebrate our anniversary that was on the 11th.  We decided to skip softball on Tuesday and the girls made supper for us!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mouse had volleyball camp at St.Ben's.  She was super excited since her cousin Isaac's girlfriend plays on St.Ben's team and was helping out.  She had a ton of fun!

Wednesday Brad decided to take the younger two on a work trip to Wisconsin.  They had a blast swimming while daddy worked!

Rachel worked from 5-9, so I actually had the WHOLE house to myself!  It was amazing!  I literally sat at the island in the kitchen all night while getting my planner organized and getting meal planning done through September. Call me crazy, but I also started making a list of back to school stuff!!

I know, I'm crazy.  I just like to have an idea of what we need so  I'm not shelling out hundreds of dollars the end of August.

Have a fantastic weekend!!  Linking up with Andrea as usual...


Andrea Nine said...

Happy Anniversary you beautiful babes..you look like college kids..so CUTE!!! Have a beautiful weekend!!

Lisa said...

You looked so cute in your black one shoulder and white jeans. Happy Anniversary!!!

A Gal Named Al said...

Were we separated at birth?! I meal planned through September the other night and felt SO accomplished, and I definitely have a master list of the things everyone needs for back to school so we don't buy what we don't need. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Angela said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great time celebrating!