Jul 5, 2017

4th of July Weekend

Happy Wednesday everyone. I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July weekend!!
Ours was fantastic, Brad and I both had all 4 days off and it was a perfect mix of couple time, family time and pool time!

Saturday my mom took the girls for the day/overnight so Brad and I could have a date day and it was glorious.  We drove to Alexandria to do some antique shopping and we found quite a few things for the basement/bar area.  So excited to get some decorating done!
Sunday we went to our friends cabin to get in some lake time, relax and watch the girls have a blast in the water.  

In our town, the 4th of July is a pretty big deal.  Our church puts on a huge festival that starts on the 3rd with with live music, games, food, beer gardens, the whole shebang.  On the 4th they have a huge parade and then more live music/games/food.  This is an especially special day of the year for us because on this day 20 years ago, Brad proposed to me!

He had my dad make a sign that he put on the side of the fire truck and pulled me out in the middle of the road when the firetrucks came along and got down on one knee.  I was SHOCKED!  This was so unlike him!!  It was so special because he made sure my whole family was there and his also.  I love the look of shock on everyone's faces!!!

So of course the 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I realized this year that I decorate almost as much for the 4th as I do for Christmas, ha!  I absolutely love all the red white and blue... 

We went up to the church grounds on the 3rd like always to listen to the music and watch the fireworks.

We were up bright and early to get to the parade.  We typically get there an hour early to get our spot and then walk around and chat with everyone.  Still is so fun to watch the kids!

My sweet grand niece Reagan...

After the parade everyone came to our house to swim and play bean bags.  It was SO HOT!

Brad made a flag meat and cheese board, love it!  I also made corn and black bean salsa, a pasta salad and Emma made cupcakes.  Everyone brought snacks, so much good food!  I absolutely love having everyone over, it's so fun to sit back and see how much fun everyone is having.

Around 7:00 we cleaned up and then headed to the farm for a campfire and sparklers.

It's always so neat because we can see the St.Cloud fireworks from the farm (St.Cloud is about 10 miles away)!  We were all completely wiped from the day.  In fact I'm STILL wiped today!

I'm a little sad that the 4th is over, I love our little town and all the festivities.  It's kind of like the day after Christmas.  Depressing.  

The rest of this week we have nothing going on.  Thank you Jesus.  It will take this old lady a couple days to recover from all the busyness!!


Julie @ Just the Joy's said...

What a fun holiday weekend! I love that proposal story and the old pics! Seriously the sweetest!!

A Gal Named Al said...

I love all of the decor, but I love, love, love the engagement story! So cute! Happy sorta-anniversary?! :)

Terra Heck said...

I love the proposal story. That's definitely memorable!
Glad you had a good 4th of July.