Mar 6, 2017

The Weekend

It was another crazy busy weekend!  Rachel and Alayna both had volleyball tournaments, and Emma had her one act school play.

Friday night was nice and low key.  Brad fried up some fish for supper, nothing like good ole crappies!  Rachel's boyfriend Matt came over for the fish fry and some card playing after.  They all played Carbels, and I enjoyed meal planning and watching "The Help".

Saturday morning we were at the gym bright and early for Alayna's first volleyball tournament.  They played SO good!  We were really impressed at how well they played together, they ended up placing 2nd in the bronze division!!

Our favorite part was watching how much energy Alayna had on the court, she was also cheering her team on, dancing around and just having fun!  She might be a peanut, but she packs a punch!

Saturday night Emma had her first play performance, we loved it!  It is amazing how much talent there is in middle school!  The play was called "Paranormal High School" and Emma was Dr. Cordelia who was a professor.  She is such a natural up on stage it KILLS me!

For the record, it totally cracks me up when Brad and I do the same things, unprompted!!

Sunday Brad went to Rachel's tournament in the cities while I stayed home with the other two as Emma had another performance. 

I was up bright early (5 am) to get Rachel's lunch and snacks ready, we were in charge of bringing snacks.  I made my homemade granola bars and we also brought cheese sticks and Gatorades.  After they left, I enjoyed my quiet time!  I have a couple devotionals that I do every morning, and I also found a podcast from a church we used to attend, so I listened to one of those, I so miss that church...

I also discovered, they have hundreds of different types of workouts, and I try to do one of the 10 minutes ones in the mornings.  Feels so good to (slowly) get back into workouts.  I cannot wait until my craft/treadmill room is done so I can get back into running.


A Gal Named Al said...

Ooh! I need a craft/exercise room! Super jealous!

Ellen Ross | Ask Away said...

ooh yes I love cardio workout videos! it's all I do!
XO Ellen from Ask Away

Lisa said...

The crazy eyes picture is the BEST!!!! Love it!