Mar 14, 2017

Sweet 16

Today my beautiful oldest baby turns 16.  Oh my hell, where in the world does the time go??  Tomorrow she will take her drivers test, which means another part of me she won't need.  You know what the hardest part of watching your kids grow up is?  When they don't need you anymore.  I know she will always need her mama (I still do!), but it's so hard to watch them become so independent.  

Since she has volleyball practice tonight, we decided to go out for supper last night.  We went to Fuji's and ate at the Hibachi grill.  It was Matt's first time and it was fun to see him experience it!

She was royally embarrassed when they came out singing with dessert.  They even made her stand up, HA!

We are so very proud of the young woman she is becoming.  Rachel is very confident, outgoing, and not afraid to ask questions, in any situation.  She is very much a "take me as I am" kind of girl, which I love.  Not sure what Matt's thoughts are of that, haha!

She is a first born child all the way, a leader, bossy, organized and isn't much of a procrastinator.  She likes things a certain way (I think she gets that part from her dad) and isn't afraid to fight for what she wants.

It's been so fun watching her grow up and seeing how much her personality is the same from baby on!  I was put on bedrest at 28 weeks from pre term labor, but that little scheister decided to hold off coming out until I was almost 39 weeks!  Stubborn already!

Rachel, we LOVE you immensely and are so excited to continue watching you grow up!  Never, ever underestimate the power of you, and as Grandma Donna would say, "go out there and kick some ass!"

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

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A Gal Named Al said...

Happy birthday! That's great that she's actually taking her driving test- there's an epidemic in Houston right now of teens who are NOT wanting to learn to drive- so bizarre! Hope she has a great day!