Mar 9, 2017

Friday Favorites

Another Friday and another Friday Favorites with Erika, Narci and Andrea!

This week has been a bit crazy, as Brad got hit with a stomach bug on Monday afternoon.  I'm writing this post on Thursday morning, and he still isn't 100%.  In the 22 years that we have been together, I have never seen him this sick.  We aren't entirely sure it isn't food poisoning, but I am praying he starts feeling better.  Yesterday he was finally able to eat some solids, poor guy.

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I have been diffusing oils like a mad woman, Thieves and Purification mostly.  I bought some glass bottles off of Amazon a few weeks ago to make my own room sprays, and they have worked awesome!  I made Lavender sprays for each of our bedrooms, and the girls have all said they feel like they sleep better (us too!), and I also made a few Thieves sprays which has come in very handy with the sickness we've had.

I'm not even sure that I have talked much about essential oils on here, but I've been using them for almost 20 years.  It kind of makes me laugh that it's so popular now, because a lot of people 20 years ago thought I was crazy, ha!  I've always used Young Living  oils and love them.  Everyone has their own preferences, and this is the brand I've loved.  I got introduced to them at a nursing home that I used to work at.  It was a nursing home for a local monastery in our town and we used oils to help with healing and with calming the sisters.  Many times when I use specific oils I think back to my time there, such wonderful memories!   I used to be a distributor, but got lazy and didn't order for awhile, now my girlfriend orders for me.

I'm still happy to day that I've still been on my game with meal planning!  We had this Ham and Potato Chowder last night and everyone loved it!  ( I do not, and never will have photography skills, just sayin...)

We also enjoyed burgers on the grill and pigs in a blanket... who doesn't love pigs in a blanket??!!  Our version is a hot dog with cheese wrapped in a crescent roll.  SO good!

One of my favorites this week is the little electric "wood burning stove" my dad brought down for us last weekend.  I had asked him to send a picture of theirs because we wanted to get one for the basement and he said we could have theirs since they are getting a pellet stove.  WIN!  I put it in the dining room for now next to my chair and absolutely love having it on while I'm cooking.  You can have it on with or without the heat.  I might miss it when it goes downstairs, ha!

Another favorite this week is skin care products.  It's an obsession I have always had.  In high school I couldn't wait to get my allowance and browse the skin care isles at our local Ben Franklin store.  Usually my advice came from my Sassy magazine (anyone else remember that magazine??  )  And pretty much whatever they said was true, haha!

I love trying new products, but still have my faves that I stick with and will never change.  Now that I'm in my 40's (ugh, did I just say "in"?  I still feel like I'm in my 30's...) I am definitely more interested in age fighting products.  Not that I want to look younger, but more that I want to take the best care of my skin.

Growing up, my mom always used Oil of Olay lotion and I remember that she always washed her face before bed.  Unfortunately I wasn't a follower, and didn't start washing my face at night until I was in my mid 20's.  Now I don't EVER skip a night of washing my face. 

Here are some of my fave beauty products that I've been using lately.  Shay recommended the Clinique overnight moisture mask, so I decided to order the sample size to make sure I liked it.  I LOVED it!  My skin has been much drier than normal this winter, and this worked perfect for my skin!

My next fave is the Mary Kay Timewise Repair Revealing Radiance Facial Peel.  I am a huge Mary Kay fan, most of my skincare is their Timewise line and I swear by their foundation and loose powder.  I seriously love their stuff!  This facial peel is awesome, you apply a thin layer, leave on for 10 minutes and wash off.  I have a couple sun spots that have started to show up, and they are diminishing since using this!

The last one are these self tanner pads for your face.  Another one that Shay recommended on her blog.  They work awesome and are so easy to apply!  I started using them after we got back from Mexico, since my face mostly stayed out of the sun.  I use one application and it last about 5 days.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

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A Gal Named Al said...

Omg I'm about to be a teacher on spring break, so I'll be running like Forrest this afternoon! You said Ben Franklin's and it made my heart so happy! I used to visit my Nana and Popo in St. Louis and go there to buy penny and nickel candies! I have been wanting to try oils- you may have me convinced! Happy weekend!