Mar 1, 2017

Life Lately

Well, we're full on back to reality after our amazing trip to Mexico, *sigh*.....
Work has been CRAZY for both Brad and I, and a part of me feels bad for the girls as we are spent by the end of the day.  But then I remember that we just took them to Mexico and I'm all better, haha!!

The Tuesday after we got back we all had off, and I was SO glad we did that!  We got all 10 loads of laundry done and I got some cooking in.  It's funny because I was so freaking excited to have somebody else cook for me, but by the time we got back, I couldn't wait to get back into the kitchen!

One of my favorite meals in Mexico was a wild mushroom risotto that was amazing!  I found this recipe on  It was very good, but still not close to the one in Mexico, the search continues!

The weekend before we left for Mexico, Alayna had tried out for a club volleyball (the same one Rachel is in, but a short season team) and was so excited to find out she made a team!  Especially sweet was that 2 of her best friends made the same team.

She's such a peanut, but can play really well!

I'm sharing more pics of our trip, these ones came off of Brad's phone.

My beautiful diva, love her poses!!  And seriously, can we talk about those legs??!?!?!?!

It already feels like it's been forever since we went....

Between volleyball, work, school and finishing our basement, we're spent!  I will post some pics later this week on the basement progress, it's all coming along beautifully!  I cannot WAIT for it to be done though.

Have a great week!

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A Gal Named Al said...

Your trip looked so relaxing! Kids really do relish in the memories of their family vacays. Have a great end to the week!