Jan 31, 2017


This past weekend was a busy one.  Friday night we met some friends for happy hour and drinks at our local Mexican place, always good!  Saturday was kinda nuts, we had lots of errands to run, places to be, but thankfully we made it through the day and we even made it to church at 5, win!

Although I kinda just wanted to do this all weekend...

But ya know, kids, house, food.

Sunday was quiet, Brad and the girls went to Paynesville to watch one of our good friends daughter play vball.  I stayed home and relaxed.  Just kidding, I cleaned my house (including scrubbing the floors, ALL of them!!), finished laundry and meal prepped.  Felt good to get everything done.

My friend Annie is a pretty big deal over at Beachbody..  We met through blogging and after having her third child who has Down Syndrome, she decided to get healthy, and man did she ever!  She is an amazing woman who is changing lives and lives her faith.

She posted this on her Facebook page awhile back and it has stuck with me.  I always complain "if I could just lose these extra 5 pounds, 10 pounds".  After reading this, I decided I'm good with where I'm at.  I don't exercise to lose weight, I do it because I need for my mental health.  Even just doing the 15 minutes/day has helped so much!

Emma has really been into cooking/baking lately and I decided that once/week is her night to cook!  Sunday night she made these pizza twists with dipping sauce, they were amazing!

She also made this chocolate almond frozen dessert, delicious!

I love that she is taking on some cooking!  We watched Julie and Julia on Saturday night (one of my fave movies) and she said, "maybe I need to start blogging my meals??!!"  Um yes please!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!
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Danielle Siero said...

I love what she posted about those extra 5-10 pounds! I'm not willing to sacrifice deserts or wine, so I totally agree!

Katlin Smith said...

That is so true about the 5-10 pounds. Memories are worth it!