Jul 1, 2015

The Weekend

Not too much to say about this weekend, except that it was GORGEOUS and we loved being on the water!  We went out to the lake around 12:30 on Saturday and laked it with friends.  The girls tubed and swam, it was beautiful out.  Saturday night we stayed at our friends cabin, unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate to have a fire, oh well.
Sunday we got back on the lake and met up with friends.  We soaked up (literally haha) every bit of the summer sun.

I figured I would get fancy and cut out some watermelon stars, Alayna thought that was so cool!

Mousey and I made some patriotic rice krispy bars.

Enjoying the lake!


Chelsea said...

Have fun at the Lake :)

The Boutelle Family said...

Sounds like so much fun! Those watermelon stars are cute :)