Jul 20, 2015

A Play, Baby Shower and Triathlon!

I am exhausted.  Like can't hardly move completely exhausted.  It was a fantastic weekend but crazy busy!
Friday Emma had her performance as she was in theater camp all week.  The play was "Frozen" and she had a blast, but was super bummed she didn't get a better part (she was a narrator).  She is such a natural up on stage though, always knows her lines and looks so comfortable!

Saturday morning Rachel did the Color Run with some of her friends, they had a blast!

She got home around 11 and then had to shower and get ready so we could hit the road for my sisters baby shower 2.5 hours away.

The shower was so fun and it was so great to see her!  We cannot WAIT for baby Noah to come!!
We got home around 7 and I promptly made a yummy garlic and chicken pasta dish (thanks to freezer cooking!) to help me fuel up for our triathlon the next morning.

Oh my word, yesterday was such a trip!  Cory, Tonia and I signed up to do the Heart of the Lakes Triathlon in Annandale.  Cory is a stud tri-guy, as in he's placed in the top 5 several times.  Tonia is a biker and I run, so we thought it was a perfect fit!  The race started at 8, with Cory swimming a half mile.  He came in first in his heat!  Tonia was next, biking 22 miles.  She was hoping to do it in an hour and a half, and actually finished in 1:15!!  I was SO proud of her, she was really nervous.
My run was next and I was a nervous wreck, I really felt the pressure even though we all said it was for fun only.  I started at 9:32 and it was getting pretty hot.  My run was around Pleasant Lake, 5.3 miles.  I started to really feel the heat around mile 2, there were a lot of water stops and one stop even gave out cold sponges, that felt awesome!  I had my Polar watch on so I could watch my time and keep on pace.  I did stop to walk a few times.  My goal was to do it in under an hour and my actual was 55 minutes!  10:42 minute miles, I was very happy with that considering the hills and the heat!

Game face on.  

After we were done.  I was SO hot and tired.  My only pain/soreness is in my side.  I've been feeling it for the last couple weeks, but after the run it was CRAZY sore!

I am so, so glad we did this, it was an awesome experience!


Michelle Saxon said...

Congrats on doing the triathlon! I hope to get in better shape and someday participate in one myself :)

Cara@HomespunKitchen said...

Thanks for stopping by, Michelle! After seeing all different kinds of people, it was super motivating!

Jenny said...

A triathlon as a team sounds like so much fun! And I would have felt the pressure too but you all did so well - congrats :)