Jul 28, 2015


This is what we've been up to...

Softball!  Alayna has her last game tonight, it's been so fun watching her play, she's such a peanut out there!

Her team placed first in the regular season!  She was SO excited to get a medal, haha...

Alayna and I got a night out last Thursday so we hopped on over to Kay's Kitchen for supper!

Rachel and Alayna have VBS this week (Rach is volunteering) so last night Emma got a daddy night which also meant Kays Kitchen!

This past weekend we went to our friends cabin and enjoyed a late evening 4 wheeler ride, it was so beautiful!

We unfortunately got some bad news that a good friend of ours was diagnosed with colon cancer.  He is a year younger than me with 2 small kiddos.  It's time's like these that really make you put your own life into perspective.

We don't know what God has in store for us and we know that life isn't always going to be easy.  I think since getting this news, Brad and I taken more time to enjoy the little things, life is too short.

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