May 7, 2015

Thursday Randoms

Here's a few pics that had no real post to belong too so I figured I would throw in a Thursday random post!

This picture CRACKS me up!  This is Kyleigh who is Emma's bff, she stayed with us on Friday night, and the night before she got creamed by a softball right in the eye.  She was carrying around an ice pack all day.  I think she was embarrassed by the eye mostly.  We went bowling for Alaynas birthday and I'm not gonna lie, I was glad she was wearing the ice pack so I didn't get funny looks...We went over to friends on Friday night to watch the Wild game and Jeanie gave her this eye mask to wear, we laughed hysterically!

Reaaalllly wishing I had one of these right now.  It was a bloody mary from Granite City, yum!  However I only drank a quarter of it, I was too full!

Monday night the girls had an orchestra/hoedown.  Yes you heard that right, orchestra and hoedown in the same sentence.  Not gonna lie, it was weird.  And too long.  This is Rachel and her friend Lucy's little brother Sam dancing.  With every song they taught a new dance.  I thought we were never getting out of there...

On Tuesday (Cinco De Mayo!!) I made a special snack for the kiddos, churros.  They tasted delicious, but mine were not chewy/doughy, these pups were crispy!  I damn near died frying them, but all is good.  For supper I made regular tacos and chicken tacos and then tried my hand at making tostadas, they were quite tasty! I'm not a super big fan of frying things, but luckily I still have all my body parts.

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