May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's that time of week again!  Linking up with Andrea for Friday Favorites...

This week was CRAAAAAAZY busy.  I'm so happy it's Friday I could fall asleep....Monday I had a LLL (I'm a La Leche League leader in our area) meeting, Tuesday (normally my day off) I had a work conference from 8-noon, then shot over to the girls' school to watch Emma's rocket launch, then ran home got dinner going and brought Alayna in to get her glasses (which I FORGOT to get a pic of) which is definitely a favorite!

Alayna started softball this week and she is really having a lot of fun.  She is on an older team and it's fast pitch, but I think she's holding her own so far!  She looks so damn cute...

Since turning 40 (like a month ago) I've gained 5 pounds.  Seriously.  Everyone told me shit changes when you turn 40 and I just give them the side eye.  They weren't kidding!  So Sunday I decided I need to change up the eats.  I am a healthy eater, but love me some carbs (yes I'm looking at you, mother!).  So instead of my morning oatmeal and toast I am eating 2 scrambled eggs and some sort of meat.  This week we had venison sausage left over so I ate that.  I bought some nitrite/nitrate free turkey bacon for next week, we'll see how tasty that is.
Lunches I eat a ton of steamed veggies with a grilled chicken breast.  Snacks are almond thins with sunbutter, and dried fruit.
These dried apples are the bomb!  I'm also incorporating some kombucha in my diet.  It's a fermented tea that is SUPER good for your gut.  You have to get used to the taste, but I love it.  I like to mix it with my La Croix for an evening "cocktail".
Anyway, in 5 days I've lost 4 pounds.  Yowsa!

Last night we had Rachel and Emma's orchestra concerts.  It was Rachel's last one ever at Kennedy.  Sniff, sniff.


With our long weekend here, we have no real plans of going anywhere, and Brad is actually home this weekend, yahoo!  We are hoping to get lots of yard work/gardening done outside and some big projects done inside.  We'll see what gets done...


Excited to enjoy Memorial Day...      

 Famous Quotes About Memorial Day – Great Memorial Day Quotations
 I think of all the families who have loved ones in the military and I am SO thankful for them.  I honestly don't know if I could do what they have sacrificed so that I can feel safe.  It seems there is so much going wrong in our country right now, but we have to remember all the behind the scenes things that are happening today, so that I am able to enjoy a holiday weekend.  



Chelsea said...

I wish I could eat more veggies!! Good luck with eating better :)
Chelsea @

The Boutelle Family said...

Amen to #5!! So grateful for all who sacrifice for our country! Enjoy your weekend! I hope you get a lot done :)

Sophia Rodriguez said...

Those dried apples do sound good! I'll have to try those! I hope you have a good weekend with some relaxing!