May 18, 2015

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday everyone!  It's time for another 

Menu Plan Monday with
Homespun Kitchen

Here's what's on deck this week!  I did have a couple roll overs as I didn't get to them last week...

Monday:  Tator tot hotdish

Tuesday:  Crispy chicken cutlets- from last week

Wednesday:  Cheeseburger Quiche

Thursday:  Either chicken or pork chops on the grill with veggies

Friday:  Most likely pizza night!

This last weekend was a great, but busy weekend.  Brad was out of town (which I HATE) but I got SO much stuff done.  Organizing drawers, cleaning out closets.  Things that have been neglected for a loooong time!
Emma had her bestie Kyleigh over and we did a photo shoot!

I did daycare for Ky from newborn until she went to Kindergarten. I also went to high school with her parents.  I love this kid (although I don't always love MY kid when they are together, uffda) and love that her and Emma are so close!

And since Brad was out of town, it would of course be the first weekend that we get severe weather here.  I think we got about 3 inches of rain and tornado warnings.
This is the pasture next to us, there is a small creek that runs through here, but you generally don't see it,


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