Jan 19, 2015

Weekend Ramblings....

We had a great, great weekend full of volleyball, volleyball, and more volleyball, haha!

I have to post these pics, because this cat is KILLING me with her obsession with Rachel's fish.  Rachel keeps her door closed at all times, but whenever she can, she sneaks in and tries to attack...

Poor Maci, she doesn't realize she'll never catch it.

Saturday started an all day tournament in St. Cloud, girls once again played awesome!  They even improved so much since last week, it's amazing!  They ended up in 3rd in the Gold Division again.  Whoop whoop!

I made a big batch of these granola bars, they have become a staple at tournaments, all the girls ask for them!

After their tournament we went out to eat with a 3 other volleyball families to celebrate a 40th birthday.  Unfortunately Rachel felt sick, so I dropped her off at home.  I think she was over hungry and then had that sick feeling.  She is my daughter!

Sunday was a day filled with cleaning, laundry and food prepping.  I had so much energy and got so much done.  Emma was gone at a sleepover Saturday night, so Sunday night Rachel and Mousey had friends over.  We played lots of cards and Tenzie's, so much fun!

And now I know why I had so much energy on Sunday, because God knew I'd be down for the count!  I slipped and fell on my way into work, and fell on my elbow and hip.  Ugh.  I am going in this afternoon to have an xray to see if the elbow is broken. 


At least my house is clean and I have my meals ready!  Happy Monday Ya'll!

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