Jan 2, 2015

Happy New Years!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!  I truly can't believe that Christmas has come and gone....sad.
We had a great New Years, Brad and I both worked and then headed to friends to hang out for the evening.  We were missing one family who was on vacation, so we took a pic of all of us sending kisses, lol!  We had a blast playing the game Headbands, some ping pong, and just enjoying all the yummy food.  We got home around 2, yuck (I was sober driver, yay for feeling amazing the next morning!).

New Years day we took down all the Christmas stuff and cleaned house.  I hate taking my Christmas stuff down, but it makes your house seem really clean!
Emma left with the Tangens around 9:00, they have hockey tournaments in Hibbing until Sunday, so they brought Emma with so Kyleigh had something to do.  I already miss that kid!
We all napped in the afternoon and then played some Carbles with the girls.  Clearly no one wanted their pic taken.  Except Alayna.


I always make resolutions, and for the most part stick to them.  My goals for 2015:

1.  Run the Fargo Marathon in May.  I'm nervous because I'm dealing with some leg/knee/heel pain, so hoping we can get that figured out STAT!

2.  Organize/declutter my house more.  We have SO.MUCH.CRAP.  It needs to go...

3.  Use my planner everyday.  Write notes, lists, stay more organized.

That's about all I got, I don't need to stress out about a New Years list, haha!

Happy 2015!!!

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