Jan 12, 2015

The Weekend

We had a great and BUSY weekend!!  Saturday Brad and I went into town to donate plasma and run errands.  It was nice to get some Christmas gifts returned...On the way home we decided to bring home KFC.  Oh my word, I forget how delicious and horrible that stuff is for you!  The kids had never had it, and they enjoyed every bit!
Brad was gone for the afternoon and evening and Alayna was at a sleepover, so the older two and I watched "Divergent", it was SO good!  I also got some food prepping done, as we had an all day tournament in Forest Lake on Sunday.
I am SO happy that volleyball season is back!  Rachel's team played so well, they placed third in the Gold division!

The very last game they played to get into the championship they played horrible.  Lots of errors, and no one was getting their serves over.  I think they were just so tired!

They have a really great team, and they all get along so well!


We didn't get home until 9 Sunday night, so everyone was exhausted.  Thankfully I got meal planning/prepping done on Saturday so I didn't have to worry what to make tonight.

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