Jan 9, 2015

Friday Favorites

Linking up again with Andrea over at Momfessionals!

What I'm loving this week...

1.  New Years!

I know it's so cliche, but I really do love the promise of a fresh, new year.  Starting over, in my eyes, is a great thing.  My only "resolution" is really a goal.  And that's to run my marathon in May.  As far as other resolutions, just to get back on my healthy eating again.


I seriously cannot.freaken.wait for this weekend!  Rachel has a tournament in Forest Lake on Sunday and I am so stoked to watch the girls play.

3. Tenzies.  It's a dice game, get it people.  it's SO addicting!  Saturday night we were at Brad's sisters house with the kids and played it for almost 2 hours!


4.  Salads.  After 6 weeks of eating things I only eat once a year, my body was craving health food.  I dropped 3 pounds since Christmas!  I love my daily salads and good eats.

5.    My planner.


I can't even tell you how much I love this thing.  I know it's only been a couple weeks, but I seriously feel  SO organized!

Happy Friday everyone!!


a49erfangirl said...

I have seen the tenzie's dice at a little shop in Sturgeon Bay. What is the object of the game. I didn't really see any directions? Do people get their own set of dice?

Cara Zimmer said...

The game comes with 4 sets of dice, you have to shake all the same number of dice, (starting with one) and whoever gets all the same dice, moves on to the next number. It's so fun!