Dec 10, 2014


Last weekend was a busy busy weekend!  It started out on Friday night coming home from work and seeing this little cutie patootie all sprawled out, looking exhausted...

Then walking into the living room and seeing WHY she was so exhausted.  Yes, an entire canister of oatmeal was now imbedded in my carpeting....*sigh*
I think her bowels will be normal for awhile.

Saturday consisted of getting ready for our 2nd annual RTZmas get together with 2 of my classmates and their families.  We exchange gifts, but it has to be something you already have.  Last year we were all lame and everyone else was SUPER creative!  So this year we had to amp it up.  Brad decided to donate one of his mounted ducks that is old and looks really crappy.  I decided to give him a little makeover and make him our mascot!

Needless to say everyone was fighting over him!

The kids had a blast sledding and playing ping pong while the adults enjoy candy cane martinis and some amazing ping pong tournaments!

It's funny how I didn't really hang out with either of these 2 (Michael is first on the left and Ann is 3rd from the right) but now we hang out quite a bit.  I did daycare for their kids and we just started doing more things as families.  They are all a TON of fun, and Michael is like a brother to me...Love these peeps.

Sunday was spent getting some cleaning done and napping.  Our first holiday party for the season in the books....Only 3 more to go!

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