Dec 22, 2014

Our Weekend

We had another great but busy weekend.  Thursday night Rachel and Emma had orchestra concerts.  My nephew Sam was with us too, as his brother had surgery.  They sounded amazing, I love listening to orchestra!  I really wish my Grandma Omi was here, she would be thrilled with hearing them.

My grown up girl...

Brad and I are having way too much fun with our elf on a shelf this year.  He was found "pooping" Hershey Kisses, and then yesterday he made mustaches on their school picture frames in the entryway.  Hilarious.

Friday night we had a Christmas get together with the Rothsteins and had a BLAST!  They made ribs and crab legs and we played games with the kids all night.  We started out with a ping pong tournament, then had a spelling bee (I came in 2nd!).  It really was so much fun!  They got us the sweet Christmas Vacation glasses (if you know anything about our family, its that we are OBSESSED with Christmas Vacation!).

Our sweet kiddos.

Saturday was just a chill day, we all napped and mousey didn't feel well all day.  That night she threw up once, and then again the next morning, but felt great the rest of the day, weird.  Sunday was power cleaning all day as we are having Christmas Eve at our house (provided everyone is healthy).  I also helped the girls with their friend and teacher gifts, and we also made more cookies.  Busy busy!

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