Dec 3, 2014

Marathon Training So Far

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Ours was fantastic and laid back, love that.  Friday I worked 10-4 which was awesome.  Brad actually takes the girls Black Friday shopping every year, and this year did it again.  He took the older two and they shopped!  They got some great deals on clothes, which was pretty much all they were looking for.

Now we are ready for all the Christmas festivities!  Yippee!!

I am continuing my marathon training, but I know this month I probably won't get as much mileage as I did last month (November I ran 70.5 miles!).  Once January rolls around, it's crunch time!

This seriously makes me laugh out loud!  It is so true though.

Training is going really well so far.  I have upped my mileage, last week I ended it with a 10 mile run on Saturday which left me with 22 miles for the week! This last week was a lower mileage week, and that's ok.  I don't need to get any injuries!

I have decided to hire a running coach to help me reach my goal.  I was talking with her about my food intake, and realized I was not getting enough calories or nutrients.  I eat a very healthy diet, but was still eating as though I only run a couple days a week.  I have since upped my intake and noticed a huuuuuge difference!

This is my daily intake:
Breakfast: Half a cup of oatmeal mixed with milk and a big ole dollop of sunbutter.  Around 9:00 I eat a banana and a handful of almonds

Lunch:  I love salads, so I add different mixed greens, some sort of protein like turkey or grilled chicken, cheese chunks, tomatoes and a vinaigrette.  I also have grapes and cut up veggies with either salsa, hummus or guacamole.

Afternoon snack:  Chobani Greek Yogurt, an apple and some dark chocolate chips.

Supper consists of whatever I'm making.  I don't like to eat at night, but if I do, it's homemade popcorn made with coconut oil, my FAVORITE!

My biggest issue right now are my calves.  They always feel tight and sore, I need to look into foam rolling and maybe getting a massage...I'm also having some pain in my heel and achilles which should be remedied by my chiro.  Most days I feel confident, but there are those down days when I feel that 26.2 miles will never happen.  I know I can do this, I just need to get my head to agree!

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katielookingforward said...

Foam Rolling will change your life! You could also use a soup can for your calves if you don't one to spend the $20 or so at Target. I've also seen PVC pipe as a foam roller, but that just seems painful, and awkward to have lying around the house.