Dec 15, 2014

Holiday Train

What a fantastic but BUSY weekend we had!  Friday night we had my company Christmas party.  Lots of fun, but very tired the next day, yowsa....Brad and the girls were making sausage at the farm, so this mama got a nap in!
Saturday night the girls were supposed to make their First Reconciliation at 4:00, but the lady gave us the wrong time, it was actually at 3, so we missed it.  We were planning on surprising the girls by taking them to the holiday train in Annandale at 7:15.  We ended up going out to eat at a local truck stop before heading to Annadale.  The food was SO good!
The girls had no idea what we were doing, haha!  The train was pretty cool, it was too bad that we couldn't hardly see anything because everybody had their kids sitting on their shoulders.  Bummer.  We ended up leaving early, because nobody could see and the amount of smokers out there was crazy!

It was still a super fun night hanging with these three, well, until Alayna had a meltdown when we got home...she was sleeping, yikes.  You know the saying, don't wake a sleeping bear...

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