Oct 31, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up this week for Five on Friday


1.  It's HALLOWEEN!  We are heading over to friends to eat pizza, trick or treat and hang out for a bit.  It's gonna be cold, but lots o fun!

2. The 2 little's and I made monster cupcakes.  Scary stuff.


Can you even imagine sitting like Alayna?  Makes me knees quiver...

3.  Tomorrow night we have our annual Halloween bus with a ton of our friends.  It's a BLAST and this year we have a whole crew dressing up in Austin Powers characters.  

 Melissa and I are going to be the Japanese twins, and Mr. Zimmer is Austin Powers.  Oh my word, I CAN'T WAIT!

4.  I got a 6 mile run in last night which felt AWESOME!  Hoping to get a 5 miler in sometimes tomorrow.

5.  Is it sad that I am most looking forward to crappy Halloween candy???  Why do you think I got in a long run last night????

Have a fantastic (and safe) Halloween!

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