Oct 9, 2014

The "M" Word

Oh yes, the M word.  I almost don't want to say it out loud, for fear of jinxing myself, but here goes....
My goal is to run the Fargo Marathon in May of 2015.

I just started sweating after reading that...
It's a big goal, peeps.  One that is going to take up a LOT of my time (and money, haha).  But the good thing is that I have 7 months to prepare, which I feel very good about.  I have a book called "The Women's Running Book" ( and yes, Emma did actually ask what the book was about...) and have read it cover to cover.  It's my running bible!  I am following their training plan for now, which focuses on how long you run, not the mileage.  Right now my long run is an hour and a half, which is 8 miles for me.  It's so much easier mentally to look at my time instead of miles!   And after my long run, I enjoy a big ole salad.  This is in a mixing bowl, if you can't tell.  I told ya it's big.

In January I am going to hire a running coach to give me more of a personalized running schedule.  By then I will be ready to amp up my training.  She can also help me with my nutrition.  Honestly, that is where I struggle right now.  I eat very healthy, and I know what types of foods to eat to stay healthy.  However, adding in all those miles means you need more protein/fats, carbs and calories.  That is where I'm not sure....do I eat 60 grams of protein/day, or 120?  Carb load before a run or not?  Salt tablets?
I look forward to learning a lot from her.

Right now I run a total of 4 days/week and then mix in either a walk, bike ride or a pilates video on one of my off days.  I am really trying to incorporate strength training into my weeks too, need to beef these legs up if I'm going to run 26.2 miles.

So there's my life for the next 7 months.  Yowsa.  Pray for me.