Oct 24, 2014

Friday Randoms

It's Friday, it's FRIDAY!!!  Amazing how quickly these weeks fly by....
We've been doing our normal things, but wanted to share some pics from the last 2 weeks...

If you look reeaaallll close you will see our cat Maci on top of the wood pile (don't worry, that nasty looking shed will be coming down shortly), this cat CRACKS me up.  She is damn near human.  Yes, I may be a crazy cat lady, but she is my fourth kid.

Last weekend mousey and I made an apple pie with the pie filling I canned this year.  Complete yumminess.

Alayna made a toilet paper roll monster.  Scary.

And NO, this is not a Christmas tree, silly, it's a Halloween tree!  Brad had a minor flip out thinking I was putting up a Christmas tree....silly boy, doesn't he know that I wait until the week before Thanksgiving to put our Christmas stuff up...

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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