Jan 16, 2014


Well I see it's been a few months since my last post, yowsa.  You know the drill, life is busy, stuff gets in the way, blah, blah, blah.  So here I am, January 16, 2014 making a recap of these last few months.  They've been a doozy, lemme tell ya!

First off, in November my beautiful mama turned the big SIX-O!  I know, she doesn't look it, does she?  I always think her young looks comes from having such an amazing daughter who never caused her stress...right mom??

Also in November, we treated the girls to their first sushi/hibachi restaurant.  We told them it was celebration for good conferences, but we actually couldn't find a babysitter, so we decided to bring them with.  Totally kidding.

Their favorite part was when the chef brought out the little plastic boy who "pees" water onto the grill, they couldn't get enough of that!

Alayna moustache you a question...and I'm pretty sure it will have something to do with the private parts of the plastic peeing boy.

The beginning of December found my husband sprawled onto the concrete while trying to hang Christmas lights.  Yes, he is one of "those".  We call him Clark Griswold now.  In all seriousness, we are so fortunate that he is ok, he broke his wrist and hand and got some cuts and bruises.  Considering he fell on his head, we are very thankful.  Nothing a metal plate and screws can't fix!  And the super funny part of this is that it snowed like 5 inches a couple days later.  I don't care for shoveling.  And then a couple days after that, it snowed like 6 inches.  Super funny.

My mom brought the girls and I to see the Nutcracker Ballet, Emma and I LOVED it!  Rachel thought it was "interesting" and Alayna fell asleep.  However the next day in JC Penney's Alayna found this Nutcracker and insisted we buy him.

And since I am the QUEEN of taking pictures (insert sarcasm), this is my Christmas picture of the girls.  Yes, the only one I took that turned out.  This is 6 am Christmas morning, they are patiently waiting for Brad and I to stop screwing around so they can go downstairs and open gifts.

And my favorite part of Christmas this year?  I was able to rally up *most* of my siblings and got my parents and their spouses together for an old fashioned family Christmas!  It was such an informal, but super fun evening!  My dad got our his guitar and dulcimer and played for us, and the girls played their violins too.  It made my day!

So thats been our life...crazy and busy!  As sad as I am to see the holidays gone, I'm kinda glad to have everything "back to normal".  Although normal isn't a word in our household!

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