Jan 20, 2014

A Runner's World

So I like to exercise, and really always have done some form of exercise.  Shortly after we got married we bought a treadmill, and 14 years later, she's still hummin!  I was never a runner though, didn't have the endurance for it.

Funny Confession Ecard: If you see me running, call the police.

Over the last year I have started making more of an effort to run, I LOVE the way I feel when I'm done.  Well, I love how I feel 30 minutes after I'm done running, because initially I feel like I'm dying.  But seriously, it a total body workout.  I still love to do my cardio dvd's, but nothing beats running.  

So I've made a decision that in 2014 I am going to run a half marathon.

Someone told me that running a marathon was an awesome thing to do. That bitch was wrong.

There, I said it.  Which means that since it's out here now, I have to do it.  Holy Schnit.  My goal is to run Grandma's Half Marathon in Duluth in June.  The down side of that is that it's a lottery, so we might not get picked, which would REALLY bum me out.  I have my rooms booked, and someone to run with me, so I have to get picked, right?  If we don't, I will find another one to run.

I have started my training, I am not following anything super fancy or scientific.  I run 3 miles 4 days/week and then do a long run between 5-7 miles on the weekend.  I've lost a few pounds, but am not looking for weight loss.  I just want to tone this body up!

So there ya have it, wish me luck and pray I don't die.

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