Jul 16, 2013

Busy Place Around These Here Parts

One of my favorite blogs right now is the Elliot Homestead.  She has a way of writing that puts you right there, and her dry sense of humor cracks me up.  Especially this post, the chicken feet photo had me laughing out loud.  I love how she explains so eloquently why they do what they do, as far as how they eat, the food they grow, etc.  

Eating healthy, whole foods is not easy.  It takes time, planning and patience to truly eat well.  I am fortunate enough to only work 3 days a week right now.  On my Tuesdays off I pretty much spend all.day.long in the kitchen.  And I love it.  I am exhausted by the end of the day, but I love seeing the fruits of my labor...

Today I was able to make a full crockpot of yogurt, granola to go with the yogurt, 5 loaves of banana bread, smoothie popsicles and a batch of granola bars.  Plus I made Chicken Parmesan for supper, cleaned house, did 8 loads of laundry and got lunches ready for tomorrow.  But who's keeping track?

I love knowing that even when I am not home during the day, my girls have healthy food readily available for them.  Do we still eat some crap??  Yup, in fact last night I may or may not have pigged out on Cool Ranch Doritos....Just keepin it real people...

Jul 14, 2013

Happy (Belated) 4th of July!

Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th!  We stayed in town for the 4th as our church has it's annual parish festival that starts on the 3rd.  They have tons of food, music and beer.  Yes I said beer and church in the same sentence.  Crazy Catholics....  
July 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays, I have a huge bin with all my decorations that I pull out every year.  It's also a special holiday because thats the day Brad proposed to me 16 years ago...:)  He proposed at the parade....my Dad made a vinyl sign that Brad had attached to the side of the fire truck and pulled me out in the middle of everyone and got down on one knee!  On July 11th we celebrated 15 years of wedded bliss...

This year since I'm working outside the home, I had Rachel put the decorations out.  I must say, she did a mighty fine job!

I have always loved the Americana look and actually keep some of these things out year round.

I also made the girls a frozen fruit Independence Day smoothie!

We headed to the lake on Friday and spent the weekend at the camper.  Lots of fun, sun and great family and friends.   Couldn't have asked for a better 4th!

Jul 9, 2013

So Proud

This girl makes me one proud mama!  For the last 3 years she has been working with the Special Ed department in school.  She goes twice a week to work with Krista.  They do a lot of sensory work with her and Rachel reads to her.  She goes when her class goes out for recess, and has loved every minute of it! 

Krista graduated from 8th grade this year, and Rachel had the honor of pushing her wheelchair down the isle!

She was a nervous wreck worried that she would trip, but she did awesome, although I did shed a tear or two....ok, full out sob but whatever....


This is the teacher that Rachel worked with and her best friend Taylor who would go with her to work with Krista.  The thing that surprised me the most was watching Rachel with Krista and how natural she is with her, LOVE that!  She may make me want to pull every hair out of my head one at a time, but she is a pretty awesome kid!

Jul 1, 2013

Alayna's 7th Birthday

Our little (and I do mean little, all 40 pounds of her) mousey turned 7, and for her birthday she wanted a bowling party.  I figured this was my easiest bet dealing with the energy of 5 seven year olds!  It was the perfect amount of time (2 hours) and the kids had a blast.

Bowling ball cupcakes, yes I realize they look more like ghosts, but hey, who cares?

Our sweet and sassy 7 year old!  This girl may weigh slightly more than a toothpick, but man oh man can she pack a punch!  She has more energy than a hyena and keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn't have it any other way!

She has the best sense of humor, and keeps us laughing 24/7.

For the treat bags, I bought some cute mini bowling sets and bowling tattoos from Oriental Trading Company.  Some fun straws and "bowling pin" forks, and we were ready!

Happy birthday Mousey!!