Jul 9, 2013

So Proud

This girl makes me one proud mama!  For the last 3 years she has been working with the Special Ed department in school.  She goes twice a week to work with Krista.  They do a lot of sensory work with her and Rachel reads to her.  She goes when her class goes out for recess, and has loved every minute of it! 

Krista graduated from 8th grade this year, and Rachel had the honor of pushing her wheelchair down the isle!

She was a nervous wreck worried that she would trip, but she did awesome, although I did shed a tear or two....ok, full out sob but whatever....


This is the teacher that Rachel worked with and her best friend Taylor who would go with her to work with Krista.  The thing that surprised me the most was watching Rachel with Krista and how natural she is with her, LOVE that!  She may make me want to pull every hair out of my head one at a time, but she is a pretty awesome kid!

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a49erfangirl said...

That is really something to be proud of. I think it's awesome that she also got to work with the girl and read to her.