Sep 13, 2012

Summer Recap

I can't believe I post ONCE this whole summer...I mean with not working and all, I should have been able to crank out at least one a week, right??!!  Oy....

Summer was fan-freaken-tastic!  My last day of daycare was June 5, very bittersweet and exciting all at the same time.  I will admit that I was taken aback by my feelings of being "just" an at home mom.  Even though I was home for 11 years, I was still working.  That gave me a purpose.  I just felt that my purpose was severely lacking.  I really did not expect to feel this way.  It took about a month for me to get over that, thankfully.  Besides that, the summer rocked.  It was so awesome to be able to pick up and head to the beach on a Monday, or meet a friend for lunch, LUNCH!!  It was pretty cool.  Of course I had all these visions of fun crafts we would do, and of course how completely organized my house would be, but...the beach was waaaay more fun!

Here is what we were up to this summer...

Brad and I (along with another couple) mastered the Warrior Dash the end of June.  And by mastered I mean we didn't die.  And by die I mean I wasn't hauled off on a stretcher, thankfully.  I only fell off of one of the obstacles and left with a whole slew of bruises....but I'm good now!

We spent lots of time at the ball field watching Rachel's team learn (aka lose) about fast pitch softball.  It was painful to watch, but I loved seeing how much fun that kid had no matter if they won or not!

Lots of ice cream treats were had by all, in fact we had a sweet little ice cream shop that opened in town, yum!

Of course lake time was featured quite often.  So nice to drive 30 minutes and enjoy boat rides and campfires!  "I'm going camping and I'm bringing...." game was a staple at our campfires

The end of August Emma had the honor of being selected as an Academic Achiever from her school.  The program was held at the Mall of America, we are SO proud of her!  Lots of fun afterwards doing the rides at Nickelodeon Universe.

August also brought a family wedding, my cousin Matt got married in Iowa.  We had a blast dancing and the girls had a blast taking care of the "little" cousins!

And last but not least, many a mornings were spent sipping coffee on the porch with this hunk.  I am blessed beyond measure to have been able to take the summer off.  And with the start of school was also the start of my new job that I love!  I am an office assistant and work Monday-Wednesday from 7:30-4:00.  I couldn't have asked for better hours, or a better company to work for!  God is good!

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