Sep 23, 2012

Rachel's Culinary Skills

This kid cracks me up!  We were watching Food Network yesterday and she saw Giada make this yummy apple dessert which piqued her interest and away she went....Instead of the pie crust, she used crescent rolls rolled out and baked.  Then she tossed the apples in a cinnamon/sugar mixture and baked them until the were a bit soft.  We didn't have anything for making whipped cream, so she decided to make vanilla pudding instead, it was a perfect combination!  And of course no dessert is complete without a garnish of chocolate!  She melted white and dark chocolate, spread it out on wax paper and put it in the freezer to harden up.

It was really a delicious dessert that I will have her make again!  I love seeing her create things in the kitchen, I didn't do this until I was married... I think she will make some boy a very lucky man!

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