Sep 22, 2012

Fun Filled Saturday

Today started the ever so long season of duck hunting...and then when that's over it's deer hunting...then pheasant hunting....and then it's like summer again.  Just kidding.  I am very used to being the single mom on the weekends, and it's always fun to find fun free fall festivals (holy tongue twister.....say that 10 times).  This morning our local greenhouse had their fall festival with pumpkin painting, snacks, mini train rides and face painting.  The girls had fun painting their pumpkins and enjoying the snacks.  Funny how I came there with 4 girls and left with 5....darn stragglers....

When we got home it was lunch time, so I decided to let the girls make their own mac-n-cheese cupcakes from Giada at Home on Food Network.  I let the girls add whichever toppings they wanted (I had chicken, cheese, carrots and broccoli) and then we baked them.  They were ok, not sure if I'd make them again.  The girls liked them however!

Since little Miss A was feeling left out (the other two sisters had friends over and Alayna was not "allowed" in the hot tub with them.), I let her do the chocolate chip cookies that I had in the freezer.  She was pretty stoked.  Oh, and she was singing Dobie Gray's "Drift Away".  That kid cracks me up, when she doesn't make me want to drink...

It was such a beautiful day, one of those days that puts me in the baking mood....I made Pumpkin Donuts for breakfast and have the dough for Sno Whites Apple Cinnamon bread rising right now.  Yum!!!

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