May 15, 2011

All About Emma

Ohhhh, my sweet Emma Jo turned 8 on April 23rd (yes, I am a *bit* behind on blogging, ok?) and I'm pretty sure I heard to diva gods calling her name. *sigh* This girl is 100% a girly girl. To.The.Bone. The morning Prince Will and Kate married, Emma proclaimed that at least the US has a princess. And it's her. Yep, that girl's got it, I tell ya!
Emma loves anything that involves pink, glam and glitter. Oh, and cat walks. She has a beautiful singing voice, and loves to make up her own songs ( and they even rhyme!). Her newest venture is playing piano, although she's never had lessons, she can sit and pick out tunes on her own. She loves drawing, and anything crafty. I love seeing how my girls can craft, or see something old and think of a way to redo it! She is a very sensitive one that has taken some getting used to for me, haha! Although she can be a MAJOR drama queen, Emma is a lover of all things, and loves making people happy.
For Emma's birthday we took a group of her girlfriends to our local skating rink and got our groove on! I think mama might have had more fun than the girls.....
I decided to make cupcakes instead of trying to transport a cake in my vehicle. I made Martha Stewarts vanilla cupcakes with a salted caramel filling and a caramel buttercream frosting. Umm ya, they were good. I used suckers for the flower and laffy taffy for the leaves. Emma and her best friend Emma helped put them together.
The cupcakes were a big hit! We enjoyed a fun filled afternoon of skating, pizza and cupcakes. And true to form, only two of the girls ended up in tears......

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